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RIPE offers web hosting services that empower your business with lightning-fast speed, peak performance and scalability when needed. We manage servers in AWS Web Services (Sydney, London, Singapore, Tokyo, Los Angeles), Microsoft Azure (Sydney and Melbourne), NextDC (Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne) as well as having our customised servers in Micron21 in Melbourne.  All of these have 24/7 technical support to provide breakthrough performance to boost your business growth.

secure, powerful and affordable hosting services focused on ‘You’

Having a physical server of yours might seem a convenient and budget-friendly solution, but with the growth of your business, it may not prove the best solution down the line. It is likely to cost too much more than you expected. So to achieve hassle-free maintenance, peak performance and save money, you should consider a dedicated web hosting service provider. This enables you to keep your business abreast with the evolving industry trends and demands while staying competitive in the market.

As an established hosting services provider, RIPE offers local web hosting service for businesses in Australia. Our secure, powerful and affordable web hosting gives your business 100% up-time. We understand that it is a difficult choice to make when it comes to selecting the right hosting service that fits your needs and budget. For your ease, our company has partnered with industry’s best developers to deliver you user-friendly, robust, support-oriented and cost-effective web hosting solutions.
We have developed hosting plans and services that suit all types and scales of businesses across diverse industries. Through our dedicated and top-notch services, we have gained the trust of thousands of customers who rely on us for their web hosting needs.

By taking our proactive and reliable services, you can stay connected with your target audience around the clock in the country and overseas. Whether you are a startup or have established online business, we have a committed and expert technical support and sales team to help you at every step.

why choose us for your web hosting?

With all our web hosting plans, we ensure that you get top-notch performance, stability, security, scalability and 100% uptime.

flexible and reliable

We offer flexible hosting plans to meet the unique needs of your website or business. Our enterprise-grade hosting solutions provide 100% uptime making your website always available to your potential customers.

australia-based services

We are completely based in Australia, which means that we understand the Australian customers and their needs. With our local servers, you just have to relax and grow your business while we take care of all your web hosting requirements.

hassle-free and instant setup

Our experts provide you with hassle-free and instant setup without any hidden costs or fees. We provide flexible options for payments so that you have peace of mind.

24/7 technical support

With RIPE web hosting services, you get 24/7 technical support and high-quality guidance that helps you in dealing efficiently with any web hosting issues.

upgrade anytime

With the growth and expansion of your business, your web hosting needs are likely to change. So, we offer scalable hosting plans which you can upgrade anytime and ensure that your website operates seamlessly without trouble.

dedicated and shared servers

We have both dedicated and shared servers which we can customise to fulfil your precise hosting requirements.

high-end security

At RIPE, we have high-end and advanced security protocols in place compliant with the latest security regulations. This ensures maximum protection of your data and eliminates internal and external security breaches.

you have options

perfect hosting plans for everyone

Your business needs a customised hosting solution tailored according to your precise needs. Only then you can experience real savings as customisations eliminate the requirements of unnecessary hardware and bloatware.

From personal blogs to startups, sole traders, online retailers, enterprises and corporate websites, we offer customised hosting plans to suit the web hosting purposes and requirements of everyone. If you are not sure which plan fit your needs, no need to worry!

Our friendly and knowledgeable sales team provides you with on-hand assistance to determine your precise requirements and help you in selecting the best hosting plan for your website or application. We provide myriad of web hosting solutions that range from highly effective VPS servers to loaded dedicated hosting servers. Our team provides you with one-on-one treatment that ensures to deploy a server that specifically caters to your business without paying for wasteful software/hardware or bloatware.

that’s what we offer for web hosting

creative focused industries

We offer exclusive web hosting plans for creative industries and individuals who are looking for reliable, user-friendly and scalable services with maximum value for money.

corporate hosting plans

Corporate clients need a higher level of security and more robust services to maintain and store official information and data. We also understand that you need a reliable backup. That is why our web hosting services provide you with special corporate hosting plans that give you optimal security, data backup facility and high-end performance.

'off-the-shelf' hosting

Our off-the-shelf hosting plans match your goals and enable you to customise according to your needs. We offer professional-grade OTS hosting solutions with excellent customer support and additional features.

sector specialisation

Change the color to match your brand or vision, add your logo, choose the perfect layout, modify menu settings, add animations, add shape dividers, increase engagement with call to action and more.

Health care focussed IT Services

make us your partner to look after your practice's IT, so you take care of your patients.

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Creative Services focussed IT Services

with years of experience providing IT services to creatives let us look after your studio's IT, so you take care of your clients.

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Company focussed software development

with years of experience developing business software we can help manage the development of your custom software while you take care of your customers.

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